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Abyssinian Cats - ABY. 

   It’s an old breed originated in South Africa. Let’s look a little bit in her history, since already old Egyptians loved the Abyssinian cat, believing she is the incarnation of goddess Bastet. The secret of the origin of this beautiful breed is ancient. One thing for sure, it’s a very old breed. There is belief that this breed was taken to Great Britain from Abyssinia. It was cat Lulu brought there in the year 1868, who was the predecessor to today’s Abyssinian cats. Her body, size and special fur is a reminder of the mummified cats found in Egyptian graves. Available literature is telling us that cat is a direct ancestor of African wild cat (Felis Libyca). Also a lot of pictures and sculptures of cats from old Egypt, mostly from the time of Rumpuses  the 2nd, looked very much like today’s Abyssinian cats. Are Abyssinian cats ancestors of the old Egyptian breed? Who knows? It’s possible that the Abyssinian cat is a direct ancestor of the worship cat from old Egypt and this is giving this breed a touch of romance.  

   This breed started in Abyssinia (today’s Ethiopia) before the year 1860. They captured the cats by the end of 1860’s and they were taken to Great Britain and were established as a breed in the year 1882. There is no debate that breeding Abyssinian cats is having roots in Great Britain. There is a question, from where the first cats came with ticking coat. Right now in north of Africa, cats with ticking coats are almost nonexistent. Unusual concentration of Abyssinian cats with ticking is common in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macau and on northeast of Thailand. From the genetics is coming a conclusion that the origin of all cats with ticking is for sure from the Far East. In the beginning of the 20th century this breed almost disappeared, but after the year 1930 was stabilized in the USA. Today it’s the 5th most popular breed in North America.


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