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C L A S S I F I C A T I O N   &   S T A N D A R D S

The breeds of cats

The first of cats were established hundreds of years ago in Asia. It is estimated that in the world there exist  almost 100 different breeds and variations of house cats. There are cats with a pedigree (we call them noble cats), nobleman with a blue blood. Animals who belong to one particular breed differ from the other breeds by different body characteristics. Collection of breed characteristics is not a dogma, but it’s developing all the time. Breeds are marked by letters and numerical codes. All the breeds are also sorted into four categories:

I. Persian and exotic cats.

II. Semi long hair cats

III. Short hair cats

IV. Siamese and oriental cats.

In these categories cats are competing on the cat shows.

Now we will deal only with the Abyssinian cat, like a breeding station specializing on this beautiful creature.

Character and temperament of Abyssinian cat

Typical for this breed is intelligence and social nature. Her facial expression reflects her beautiful personality. She has fur the same color as the fur of a wild cat. Her temperament is far from being wild. This breed is very mild tempered, playful and loves the domestic life style.

Type, variety and standard characteristics

This breed has fur which is masking them with surroundings in North Africa. The coat of the Abyssinian cat looks like one color, but in reality each hair has a few stripes. This type of coat is called ticking. Abyssinian cats have a medium size body, dense silky and shiny soft coat with ticking. At first sight you see an elegant cat. Her head is like a wedge slightly rounded with big ears. Her neck is long and her legs are long and slim.

At this time there is more variation of colors of her fur:

* ABY n – Ruddy, wild color (reddish brown) – with black or dark brown ticking.

* ABY o – Sorrel, reddish brown (copper red) – with chocolate color ticking.

* ABY p – Fawn, Light beige with light – yellow-brown ticking.

* ABY a – Blue, Worm blue gray with steel blue ticking.

* ABY ns – Smoky black.

* ABY os – Brown red silvery.


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