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Divine Zeus

SC Zeus Rosa Glauca * CZ

* July 31st 2008



ABY n - Ruddy, wild color (reddish brown)

with black ticking



We are introducing our young god Dia, who together with our Issa, will be taking charge of the empire of goddess Bastet.



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Divine Zeus came to us from Mrs. Jana Knyova from the Cattery Rosa Glauca on December 21st 2008. Since we did not have the chance, like with Issa, to monitor with camera, his growth and progress, we will be trying to capture, on photos, his development in our home.

We arrived home about 10:00 PM and Issa was already waiting for us. She was very surprised at who was in the cage. She let us know immediately, with her growling, roaring and sputtering, what she thinks about this (after all woman know how to do it, its in their genes). She was upset as if we’d come home from a two day drinking binge. To make sure everything remained safe, I let Dia stay in the cage the first night, so he could have a little sleep. At about 5:30 AM, he indicated his sleep was over and he was hungry. Since Issa was still acting the same, I put her in the other room and I let Dia have his breakfast in peace. I could see that he had a good appetite and he also drank his water with the best of manners. From the same bowl, for the past 7 months, we had been giving Issa water, but she had never drank from it. Of course it is the privilege of monarchs and gods to decide from what and how they will drink. After all this, I let them be together so they could talk to each other eye to eye. The talking was the same as before. Is looked to me, like she was talking Abyssinian and he, the god from Olympus, said very little in greek. Even at his young age, he appeared to be making his decisions as if he were looking down from Olympus. After about 3 hours they started to chase each other all over the house at such a speed, that even a cheetah would be envious. War games followed. Who could catch who with attacks and counter attacks with the occasional forward roll. This was going on for a while with sounds, short periods of resting, gasping for breath and then the chase went on again. After that was rest time for about 4 hours and a second round of war games and chasing. This is how day one, of Dia’s life in house was like.

The next day, Issa understood that her strange talking was being ignored by the god so she started to learn the language of the gods, which in the gods empire was normal. During the following days, war games changed to more gentle play and they both enjoyed it. Resting was done close to each other. In the evening I saw both of them on the watchtower, which was solely Issa’s. They had been lying together lovingly, heads against each others and I was convinced that they liked one another. I saw how Issa started to take care of him, licking his fur. He was enjoying it with his eyes closed and purring. 

Divine Dio, welcome to our house and we believe that you will enjoy your stay with us for years to come.

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