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Updating 2013.2.15.


Adding photos 

in section Our Queen > Issa (access but also in Photogallery).

Adding photos

in section ... and something for your pleasure > orchids .

Adding photos

in section ... and something for your pleasure > meat eating flowers .

On October 8th 2008 we officially started running this website.

I am hoping that you will enjoy it at least a little and will be coming back.

I want to use this opportunity to give thanks to my high school friend Marie Racz from Chicago for her big help in translating to English.

Original striped backround was replaced with for me very typical backround from Egypt’s pharaoh time. This backround I made from a photo I received from my photography friend Majka (Majka alias fluidum thank you) from this year vacation in Egypt.  

On September 25th 2008 we registered with international register FIFe

Protected name of Cattery

Queen Bastet, CZ ®

registration number 5734 


We inserted in our menu one of the biggest list of names for male and female cats.

Are you looking for a name for your male or female cat? Do you have a problem to find the perfect name that you would like? We believe that we can help you with our extensive list of names for your sweetheart.

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