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Our Queen Issa

CH Issa Little Big Cat * CZ

* March 5th 2008



ABY o - Sorrel, reddish brown (copper red)

 Blood group A; Immuno-assay: FIV - negative, FIP - negative. 



   This is our Queen Issinka when she was 1 month old (exactly 33 days), and still with her mother Boigy in CHS Little Big Cat. You can see, she has a nobleness and gentleness in herself since she was very little.



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   She is the founder  of our breeding station and because of that she deserves the unwritten title of “Queen”. It was our wish to have the Abyssinian cat (miniature mountain lion) as our founder, but we had to wait before our Queen was born. On March 5th 2008 Abyssinian mother cat (Ruddy color) - IC Boiga Little Big Cat and Abyssinian dad cat (Sorrel color) - IC Kefalos Jizerka had 3 beautiful kittens in the litter marked “I”. They had 2 male kittens and one pretty female kitten. The breeder was very kind because from the beginning the kittens were already spoken for, she gave us, the future owners, a chance to pick the names for them. The two male kittens, Izzy Little Big Cat (color Ruddy) and Ilian Little Big Cat (Fawn color) took one lady from Hodonin, so both brothers are together. We named our cat Issa. Her full name is Issa Little Big Cat and she is sorrel color as her father. First, all the kittens stayed with their mother, who was teaching them all the wisdom, since their typical character is intelligence and being social. And yes, they are also lively. Their fur has the same color as the fur of a wild cat, but they are far from being wild. This breed is kind and loves their home life. This character also belongs to our Queen, so we know that she was a very good student in the cat school.

   Issa or Issinka (we call her also Sisi, Sisinka, Issinko) moved to our home on June 5th 2008. As I said her practical training in school was excellent. She started right away to familiarize herself with her new surrounding and her new kingdom. She learned where her new toilet was, where to eat and what is new in her home, which she did not see before. Because we were ready for this event, we made her a post with a platform on top of an aquarium two meters high. This new item is her favorite place and she is using it as an outlook tower over her kingdom. This is the place she reigns, looking around and resting, since the Royal Highness never sleeps. We have to give thanks to the breeder Mgr. Marie Mareš from Jirkov.

   She was making sure that in her breeding station (cat’s school), all the kittens learn all the habits to make their new owners happy.

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