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Common photo


When the visitors came ( and they want to take pictures), we were hungry. In the middle is brother Illian, on the right brother Izzy and on the left me-Issa.


Sometimes we had some Russian moochers (All four of them are hungry) and out mother had good milk even for them. 


s rusáky

I was growing up with this gang. Behind me Issa (sorrel) is brother Illian (fawn) and my cousins Blue Russians - Jupiter, Justin, Julien and aunt Cobra. Behind her is my brother Izzy (ruddy) and Russian cousin Jasmin. We had great battles and chases. 


rusáci změkli

After chasing each other we fall with tiredness and aunt Cobra was glad that she is having time off for a while. 


po bitvě

This is like a battlefield - all dead. After our battles, aunt Cobra and out mother Boiga had peace for a while and we were revitalized for the next battle.


Zeus a Issa

We are a good friends now, so we are preparing place to sleep on our watchtower. 



Now for real, we are sleepy, so good night.


Freya Cat Show Ústí n/L

Ennui on Freya Cat Show 2009


Dej mi taky ochutnat.

Issa, can I taste it?


Issa s dětmi

Taking pictures is very hard work so little Apollón and Aithér have to take refreshment and Issa is giving them the best service.


Issa s malým

Aithér after little work is already starving.


Aithér už připraven

Aithér is ready and looking for refreshment, but his mom is still preparing his fur. 


Už zase vyhládlo

Mom, we are hungry again, this picture taking is hard work, we have to go left, then to the right and they are always thinking of something for us to do.

Issa 2 roky

So here has Issa second birthday and along with Zeus look on disposition photography two sonny Aithér and Apollon.





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