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Updating 2013.2.15.


máma Boiga a koťata - 13 dnů

Mother IC (International Champion) Boiga Little Big Cat * CZ and kittens born on March 5th 2008. From left brothers Izzy, Ilian and me Issa.


Issinka 20 dnů

This is me, 20 days old, like an explorer.


Issinka 59 dnů

Issinka two months old.  



This is my father IC Kefalos Jizerka*CZ. I have the same color like him. 


Kefalos alias Ben

IC Kefalos Jizerka*CZ alias Ben, also sorrel color. Everybody is taking pictures and he wants to pose too. 


Issa 59 dnů

Photo model - two months old Issa. 


Issa 59 dnů

Even taking pictures is wearying and we had wild games with Russians between takes (Russian Blue Cats).  


Issa 59 dnů

 I want to sleep and they keep taking pictures. 


Issa 3 měsíce

Here I am third month old and these are the  last pictures in Cattery where I was born.


Issa 3 měsíce

3 months birthday. I am observing everything around. I want to show everybody that I completed my cat school with honors so my leaving doesn’t look like I don’t want to go to my new home. 


Issa 3 měsíce

One more time and it should be enough. I have a fear of leaving, but parting with my brothers and Russian cousins should be with dignity. 


u tyče - 106 dnů

I am very happy in my new home and up there is my watch tower.  


u tyče

Today I am 106 days old and they want to take my picture.



Serious and bemused look, or I saw pigeons flying by the balcony. 


ještě focení - 106 dnů

They don’t leave me alone, I am thinking about lying down and they keep clicking.


109 dnů

Finally I can sleep.   



Clicking again. I have to plug my ears to have some quiet.  


v přepravce - 153 dnů

I am training myself on how to sleep when we travel to shows.


pruhovaná 163 dnů

If I want to have striped fur, this is beautiful.  


jiný pruhy

If I turn a different way the stripes do not stay.


výstava v UL - 129 dnů

This is from my first show in Ústí nad Labem. It was very boring, so I have to find something to do.


Duo Bastet

Duo Bastet


výš už je strop



Issa 1 rok

He promised me something good, but he is taking pictures instead. 


Issa 1 rok

During my first birthday we remembered Abyssian goddess Basted. 


Issa 1 rok





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